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Welcome to AP Tox - the Portuguese Toxicology Association !
AP Tox is a non for profit organization promoting and advancing the science of toxicology, environmental health and occupational health.

The association was set up in 2009 in response to the need for integration of professionals working in all areas for toxicology, environmental health and occupational health in Portugal. To strengthen this integration, AP Tox encourages partnerships with other professional organizations.

Members are from industry, academia, consultants, and regulatory authorities. Membership is open to any individual with a genuine interest in toxicology, environmental health and occupational health.

AT Tox aims to keep its members well informed via appropriate channels and networks. It regularly organizes scientific meetings on specific topics of interest to its members. In addition, AP Tox also embarks on activities that increase public understanding of toxicology and risk assessment. 

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CAAT Academy
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AP Tox Workshops
CLP Regulation -Labelling
REACH Regulation

Biocidal Products Regulation

R4BP3 & SPC Editor Training

7-8 September 2015, Lisbon

ESTIV / AP Tox Course

Applied in Vitro Toxicology

25-29 Jan 2015, Lisbon


3rd International Congress on 

Environmental Health

24-26 Set. 2014, Porto 

AP Tox Technical Workshop

CLP Classification: Mixtures

4 - 5 September 2014, Lisbon

AP Tox Technical Workshop

Safety Data Sheets (incl. eSDS)

29 & 30 May 2014, Lisbon


Biomarkers 2014

Spring School on Human Populations 

Studies with Genetic Biomarkers

19-24 Maio 2014, Porto

Being a forward thinking association, the objectives of AP Tox are to:

  • Promote the science of toxicology, environmental and occupational health
  • Provide a forum where people working in the different toxicology, environmental and occupational health areas in Portugal can integrate
  • Promote toxicological regulations based on good science 
  • Provide training and education on toxicology, environmental and occupational health
  • Awareness raising and information dissemination on toxicology, environmental and occupational health
  • Promote and conduct research on toxicology, environmental and occupational health
  • Form strong links/networks with organizations from related sciences both at the national and international level
  • Promote sponsorship in activities relevant for toxicology, environmental and occupational health
  • Elevate the status of the toxicology profession 

To encourage members interested in particular fields of toxicology, a number of speciality sections have been established. These allow individuals to exchange scientific views and provide a platform for integration across professions. Sections often organize specialized workshops, training, and projects.

Currently, AP Tox has the following specialty sections:

  • Regulatory toxicology & risk assessment
  • Genetic toxicology & biomarkers
  • Environmental toxicology & alternative testing
The Portuguese Register of Toxicologists

The Portuguese National Register of Toxicologists was launched in 2014 and is co-organized by the Portuguese Toxicology Association (AP Tox) and the Portuguese Society of Pharmacology (SPF). It is part of the European Register of Toxicologists.

Members of the Portuguese Register of Toxicologists gain automatic membership of the EUROTOX Register of Toxicologists (ERT). For additional information please click here.

AP Tox is a member of the following organizations/networks: